When you picture fish, what do you see? Okay, get that picture of Nemo out of your head. What are you, five? Grow up. I mean fish you eat. Okay, let me be clear. What do you picture when you picture edible fish?

Do you like your fish sauteed with a little olive oil? Blackened to a crisp? Grilled, with a spritz of lemon, perhaps? Or maybe you like it Long John Silvers style, plenty of breading, deep fried and delicious.

Vote on your favorite style of fish below and explain why in the comments. And if you’re still picturing Nemo right now, you’re sick, just sick.

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9 Responses

  1. Mark

    I can’t seem to get past an other vote. It really depends on the fish. Salmon, sauteed, haddock, fried, sole and monkfish baked.

  2. Mary

    Got to agree with Mark on this: depends on the fish. For me it’s baked salmon, grilled grouper, sauteed flounder, and beer-battered deep fried walleye. YUM

  3. Adam

    There is how I eat my fish, usually grilled and like it very much and how I want to eat it, fired. I love fish and chips.

  4. Not-so-famous Dave

    I voted deep fried..’cuz the best food in the world is a shore lunch, in the middle of nowhere Canada, of fresh caught(like…it was alive 10 minutes ago) walleye “shallow fried” in some oil, no breading. But as Mark said, it really depends on the fish..oily fish is best smoked or grilled, lighter flesh is best fried. A saltwater specie that has been frozen or refrigerated for its cross country trip is best sauteed or baked. And I LOVE pickled Herring or Smelt.

  5. Obbop

    I prefer baked and non-breaded mainly for health and calorie reasons thought spicy thin breading makes my liver quiver with unadulterated delight.

  6. Smokin'

    Broiled walleye. Agree it depends on the fish. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without picked herring.


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