You’re eight years old, and you sit down at the dinner table. The smells wafting from the kitchen make your tummy grumble. You suspect nothing. The plates arrive at the table, and dish after dish comes out. Roast beef, mashed potatoes, rolls…so far, everything looks good. But then…mom comes in with that brown bowl you know all too well. She lifts the cover, and there it is…

…what is it?

Everyone has that food they hated as a kid. The side dish that would darken their world and turn meal time into a living hell every time it was placed upon the table. Because as horrible as it was, you knew mom wasn’t going to let you leave your seat until every last bite of that half-cup portion had vanished.

What was your most hated childhood food, So Good readers? Do you still hate it? Below are some volunteered up by my family and friends, but I’m sure there are many more out there. If one of these is yours, vote for it. If not, choose “Other” and explain in the comments.

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  1. Mark

    I had to go with other, while I never liked liver as a kid, my dad hated it so we never had to face it as a dinner. For me it was mushrooms. I hated the smell, I hated the taste and I hated the texture. My whole family loved them so they made there way into dish after dish. All of my complaints were met with “just pick them out” Of course now I like them.

  2. LS

    Tuna Casserole. OMG… the memories… this one dish made me hate noodles, hot tuna, american cheese, and cream of soups. When she started making it with rice, even the dog wouldn’t eat it!

    Closely followed by my intense dislike of beef stew, a dish which somehow managed to last all week. *shudder*

  3. Not-so-famous Dave

    Lots of “other” votes out there…proves there are lots of foods to hate! I voted Liver, but liver is one of those things that very few people really like.. .I always figure that people who profess to love liver(apologies to Belinda) are just like those who say they like lutefisk, carp, tripe, tongue, etc..they are just proud of the fact they are able to tolerate it better than most. “hey, if ya cook it right…..” I kept up the pretense of “hating” fried chicken for years..I didn’t mind it, but we had it so often I was just campaigning for something different. Any dessert containing shredded coconut was intolerable.

  4. Sam

    @Eick I know this is hard to accept, but lasagna is really gross. No one has realized this yet except for me.

  5. Peter

    I hated every food as a child. And what’s not to like about lasagne? Pasta, beef/sausage, cheese and tomato sauce…molto bene.

  6. Amy

    Liver – the smell alone is enough to make any child refuse to eat. There is not enough ketchup in the world to make it edible.

  7. Megan

    I hated meatloaf when I was a kid. My dad love it… so yeah. Then once I got a little older it was mashed potatoes…I still have trouble eating them. They are one of my dad’s favorite foods and we ate them ALL THE TIME. There was a point where I couldn’t choke a bite of them down without gagging…sometimes i still struggle with them.

  8. dagrappler

    what about Brussel Sprouts? That was the first thing I looked for…No matter what fancy recipie my wife tries, they still taste like crap…

  9. laura o

    I was always a pretty good eater as a kid. I always ate my veggies and actually liked them a lot. However I absolutely hated onions. I would not touch them or go anywhere near them, they were like repellent. I like them now 🙂

  10. Adam Snyder

    My guess is he had a lot of really bad lasagna and it ruined it for him. I have some pretty horrendous lasagna in my day, mushy noodles, bland meat, made with some sort of Ragu sauce.

  11. Sam

    Adam! You’re hilarious. I’m a girl. And you’re exactly right; it was microwave dinner lasagna in this awful white cardboard/paper tray and it made my stomach turn. My dad made me ate the whole thing.

  12. Arwyn Quandry

    Anything containing cream of mushroom soup. Those tiny gray specks turned my stomach and try as I might to pick every little piece out, I never could. I have always hated mushrooms and while I can stomach it occasionally now, I’d never choose them on purpose.

  13. Adam Snyder

    For years my mom made tuna casserole which all us kids pretty much hated but my Dad loved, so she made at least once a week. Until one day, after some 15 years of marriage he told her he hated it and just never said so because he didn’t want to hurt her feelings.


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