Happy Thursday everyone! It looks like we’ve finally come to everybody’s favorite landmark holiday between Halloween and Thanksgiving – November 10: National Vanilla Cupcake Day. Thinking about frosting and cake gave me an idea for this week’s Eating Styles poll: are you a cake person or a frosting person?

No one’s saying you can’t be both a cake person and a frosting person, but let’s face it: most people have a strong proclivity towards one side or the other. In my experience, there are two main classes of people. First, there are the frosting lovers. For these guys, cake is an excuse to get at their true obsession: frosting. These are the guys who search for that one piece of cake where the frosting-to-cake ratio is equal, or even skewed in the frosting direction. If it were socially acceptable, they would eat that silky, sugary manna of life by the spoonful. Sometimes they do it anyway after their roommates go to bed, hiding in the closet under the stairs at 3AM and then destroying the evidence afterwards. Some people might do that.

The other class is the “not too much” frosting people. For these guys, frosting is great but can be overpowering in mass quantities. Combined with cake, frosting makes a delicious, delicious dessert, but too much is just too much.

Which kind of frosting eater are you, So Good readers? Does your ability to eat frosting know no bounds, or do you like it in moderation? Are you obsessed with frosting or do you just like a good amount with your cake, end of story? Vote below and explain your answer in the comments.

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3 Responses

  1. Obbop

    As a consummate consumer of goodies, even though having to, for sundry reasons, greatly reduce my intake of deserty comestibles, much prefer the “new style” if “lighter, fluffier, much-less-sugary” icing/toppings such as the type created with thawed cool-whip-like topping from the grocery store frozen stuff section.

    I never did care for the sugar-laden “heavy” icings so common in the past when the Commie Hordes ™ era and the threat of intercontinental ballistic missiles bearing their multi-megaton producing fusion-type warheads was a normal part of daily life and the vile spawn horde of Baby Boomers filled entire neighborhoods with their raucous noise.

  2. Smile

    For me, it depends on the frosting. If it’s one of those so chock full of sugar that it feels grainy (ie, most graduation cakes) then I prefer to scrape it off and enjoy the yummy cake.

    However, if the frosting is a nice, smooth and creamy one like buttercream then it is on. And I feel for anyone who happens to be in my way of consuming said frosting!

  3. Sam

    Obbop, you could tell a story about doing your laundry and I could sit reading it in rapt attention for hours.


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