An e-mail just hit my inbox from the Dunkin’ Donuts PR folks touting  “some innovative and delicious recipes featuring Dunkin’ Donuts’ array of autumn-inspired food and beverages.”  The recipes were created by Executive Chef and Vice President of Product Innovation, Stan Frankenthaler.

Now just to be clear, these are not new items on the menu at Dunkin’ Donuts, but rather recipes you can make at home…after buying the necessary autumn related products from DD.

The recipes include a Caramel Apple Donut Tart with Dunkin’ Donuts’ Apple Cider and Caramel Apple Donuts.  Also, a Turkey Sausage & Pumpkin Latte Gravy with Grilled Pumpkin Muffin and Eggs. Here’s how they look:

What do you think readers? Intriguing? Or gross?

4 Responses

  1. thomas

    The donut tart looks decent enough, but the gravy breakfast looks like cat food with an egg on top.

  2. Ellen Fleming

    I agree with Thomas. The first one looks average but that sausage and pumpkin gravy breakfast looks absolutely disgusting! I can’t believe they would even send out that idea

  3. Obbop

    Recoiling at the visual abhorrence on display.

    I am far from being a picky eater; able to eat my own cooking and ever-ready to open a can of condensed soup, grab a plastic spoon, and commence consuming the can’s contents as a complete meal.

    Various cream-type soups, bean with bacon, etc. etc.

    Eat-’em-up, yum.

    However, the pictured concoctions above?

    DD will have to pay ME to eat the stuff.

    Those folks have gotta’ be truly desperate to unleash that fare upon the public; especially during an era of declining discretionary wealth.


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