No one wakes up and thinks to themselves, “Hey, I think I’ll have a seven pound burrito today.” But what if a prize was involved? Or your picture on a wall of fame? Still no? Don’t forget to factor in peer pressure. Remember, you’ve got a whole group of friends (or a whole restaurant) sitting around you chanting your name.

And deep down, there’s a stirring inside you that wonders if you could actually do it and – admit it – actually want to eat a seven pound burrito today.

Whether it’s a local Mexican place like Jack-n-Grill in Denver, CO (home of the seven pound burrito), or a chain like Buffalo Wild Wings happy hour menu and their famous Blazin’ Challenge, we all know at least one restaurant that puts their customers up to a ridiculous food test. A prize is usually offered for finishing within a certain time, or finishing, period. Sometimes the prize is a t-shirt. Sometimes it’s a bumper sticker. Sometimes it’s free food for life. But the real prize, as everyone knows, is prestige.

It doesn’t matter how young, old, skinny or fat you are. If Adam Richman has taught me anything, it’s that there’s nothing wrong with trying to down five 24 oz. milkshakes in less than 30 minutes. Or 180 oysters in one sitting. Or a seven pound breakfast burrito (Hey, you’ve eaten at Chipotle, haven’t you? That’s 1.5 pounds right there).

What we want to know this week, So Good readers, is have you ever attempted a food challenge? What was it? Did you finish? Choose your answer and explain in the comments.

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  1. mark

    I’ve done a few wing challenges successfully. I can handle heat, I’m not sure I can deal with something like a 7 lb burrito.

  2. Not-so-famous Dave

    Many, many years ago….these things are strictly for the young at heart(burn)….I attempted to consume a huge eatitallanditsfree burger at a joint in Manitou Springs, CO. Don’t remember the weight, but the burger and bun were roughly the size of dinner plate and loaded with an entire head of shredded lettuce, a couple tomatoes and enough cheese to cover the whole works. I contend that had the meat been properly cooked(the center of that huge slab of ground beef was runny red) I coulda done it. They were ignored my complaints, and I had to pay for it. I’ve never been tempted to try any sort of eating contest since.

  3. Julien

    I had to hit up this spicy wing challenge a second time to make up for my failure the first time around. Let’s just say, both times were spectacles.

  4. marcin

    I went to a breakfast place in Jamaica Plains (Boston) on a regular basis a few years back. One time, after finishing their two-pound heap of eggs and potatoes, the waiter came over and said, “I bet you can’t eat another plate of potatoes.”

    Challenge accepted. The last few bites I was breathing hard and a little woozy, but I got through it. Four pounds of home fries. No prize, no deduction from the bill, just bragging rights.

  5. Obbop

    Attempted aboard US Navy warship; eat 5 tray-fulls of Navy breakfast as ladled out by mess cooks.

    I died.

    Buried at sea.


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