In this new ad from KFC promoting its popcorn chicken, the ad opens by asking “What part of the chicken is…nugget?”

Yes, a very valid question indeed, and a good poke at McDonald’s for its chicken being less “real” or more “processed” than KFC. Of course that would be a good opening line if KFC then talked about how it serves breasts, wings, thighs etc. that are actually part of a chicken. But instead, the next line of the commercial is “We’re KFC. Our cooks don’t make nuggets. They make Popcorn Chicken.”

Right. Because everyone knows what part of the chicken “popcorn” is. It’s right below the…um..wing? No. Ummmm…inner thigh? No…ummmm…I give up.

The ad actually goes on to make all the valid points that KFC wants to make – its popcorn chicken isn’t made with some “mystery meat” – it’s made with “premium, off-the-bone breast meat.” Good call. THAT is the product differentiation you want to establish with the commercial. Too bad following “what part of the chicken is…nugget” by IMMEDIATELY saying “we make popcorn chicken” opens you up for immediate mocking. The placement of words in commercials makes a huge difference, and this ad could have conveyed its main point by simply shifting a couple sentences. But KFC was just too snarky for its own good.

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  1. James

    I honestly think you don’t have anything else to write about.

    They’re obviously appealing to the crowd who WANT nuggets, and offering them a more natural seeming alternative to nuggets.

    Someone, who is from the git-go, looking for natural formed chicken, is not going to go out and look for nuggets, so obviously the word placement was appropriate for the demographic.

  2. Sam

    This is so strange…this commercial came on the other night and after that line I said out loud, “What part of the chicken is popcorn?” Nice prediction of audience reactions!

  3. Cynthia

    I have to admit, I’ve watched this commercial thinking it did a good job, and the popcorn chicken looked delicious, but you have an absolutely valid point.


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