Sweetening food and drinks with stuff other than sugar seems to be all the rage these days. Whether it be coffee, cookies, cereal or what-have-you, people everywhere are looking to satisfy their sweet tooth without packing on the calories. The four main sweeteners are Equal (made with aspartame), Splenda (made with sucralose), Sweet’n Low (made with saccharin) and newcomer Truvia (made from stevia, which qualifies it as natural).

Some people say they can taste a difference between the four, while others could care less. Others stick to basic sugar. Which artificial sweetener do you use (or not use)? Vote below and explain in the comments.

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  1. Teddy

    I stick to sugar because you do need sugar in your diet. I try not to eat too many desserty things these days, so, aside from the occasional sugar in my coffee or tea, when I do have something sweet, it will be part of my normal sugar intake and therefor should be the real thing!

  2. danielle

    i switched from sugar to splenda years ago when my daily coffee consumption reached a level where i would either start gaining weight/get diabetes from eating so much sugar – i prefer sweeter coffee. i can definitely taste a difference between splenda and sweet n low/equal, but i haven’t had enough truvia to properly evaluate it. i’ve been debating trying out truvia but frankly, right now it’s too cost prohibitive.

    of course, artificial sweetener is for coffee/tea only. i would never use it in baking, what a waste of flour.

  3. lauri

    For cooking, baking, coffee and tea, I use sugar, but I also drink Coke Zero which uses a couple of non-nutritive sweeteners.

  4. Annie

    Sugar is so much better for you than artificial stuff. Moderation in all things, of course – no need to empty the cannister into your coffee, but yeah, go for realsies. Nothing else tastes right, anyway.

  5. Eick

    Wow. I know I switched to Splenda a few years ago, but both based on usage I see in restaurants as well as this poll, it’s incredible how they’ve come to dominate the market in just a few years time.


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