Though an authentic-looking señorita may smile at you on the bag, you don’t have to be from Mexico to enjoy these golden, crunchy delights. So grab a bottle of tequila, some margarita mix and the best sombrero from your collection, because this Thursday’s eating styles post is all about tortilla chips!

How do you like your tortilla chips, so good readers? Do you dip them in salsa? Sour cream? Guacamole? Or maybe you like them smothered in cheese and all manner of nacho toppings. Ground beef, steak, chicken, hot sauce, olives, tomatoes…as with everything food-related, the possibilities are endless. Vote for your favorite tortilla chip-eating method, and tell us why you voted the way you did in the comments.

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5 Responses

  1. Melissa

    Salsa because it’s vegetables. On occasion, salsa might be the only vegetables I eat all day. Second choice is guacamole for the same reason.

  2. Obbop

    Melt Velveeta in crock pot/slow cooker (different names for same device).

    Add fried torn apart hamburger.

    Add whatever is in the cupboard.

    A fine opportunity to use up stuff not being used.

    I added a couple cans of kidney beans and a couple of chili bought on sale that didn’t taste that good when eaten with hot dogs etc. but worked well with the concoction I created.

    Added a couple other cans of bean-types I can’t recall what type.

    Heat until melted. Stir.

    Cook some noodles and ladle some of the warmed up stuff atop the pile then eat.

    Not bad.


    Filling and cheap.

    Would also work well with nacho chips or likely any type of dipping food such as ruffled regular chips or even by spoon.

    Lots left.

    Will provide a Disgruntled Old Coot in his shanty for what will likely be the next 6 or 7 meals.

    Not much fun being one of the GROWING number of working-poor within the USA.

    Well… will re-enter that socioeconomic demographic once I can convince an employer to hire an over-50 honest, law-abiding, military veteran, that I can do many tasks despite the few physical impairments preventing me from performing the arduous physical tasks of my younger days of the type the politicians and others further up the socio-economic pyramid-shaped pile declare frequently that USA citizens will ot perform.


  3. Thiago daLuz

    Can we go with all of the above? I like to take unsalted Mexican chips and see just how much flavor I get on them. Meat, cheese, beans, salsa, cream, guacamole, each on its own or altogether, it all tastes awesome. I…I need some chips now.


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