President Obama treated members of his legislative & economic team for burgers at Good Stuff Eatery, the Capitol Hill burger joint owned by 2-time Top Chef contestant Spike Mendelsohn.

The spot has been a favorite of Michelle & their daughters, who have been several times. However, the POTUS himself had yet to stop by, despite having twice visited Ray’s Hell Burger in Arlington. Obama ordered a regular cheeseburger, fries and a salad, while the table shared a round of milkshakes. No word on Obama’s favorite milkshake of the bunch, which wedge salad he ordered, or if he tried any of Good Stuff’s 4 dipping mayos. Good Stuff is already slammed every time I go in there anywhere near lunch or dinner hours, but this visit from the POTUS can only give the burger join more press as they prepare to expand to Crystal City and Georgetown.

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