This Thursday’s eating styles post takes things to the breakfast table to ask you: how do YOU like your eggs?

You can tell a lot about someone by the way they like their eggs.* Just ask Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride, who discovered she loved Richard Gere because he was the only one who cared how she liked her eggs cooked (eggs benedict). Or my namesake, who knew that the main character in a Dr. Suess book would just love green eggs (that appeared to be sunny-side up) if he would just be willing to try something new.

Find something out about yourself today with one of the following egg styles (and be sure to check out my new book Eggs: Scrambling Along Pathways Into the Human Psyche**):


Fried (soft or hard)

Poached (includes eggs benedict)

Sunny-Side Up


So what’ll it be, Thursday morning diners? Do you prefer the versatility of scrambled eggs and omelettes (read: mix-ins)? Or the runny indulgence of eggs sunny-side up? Or perhaps you enjoy your eggs by merit of what you can build around them, like eggs benedict around poached eggs or a breakfast sandwich with a fried egg. Or maybe you’re just a really big fan of Julia Roberts. Whatever your reasons, vote for your favorite egg style below and tell us why in the comments!

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*No, you can’t.

**Book does not exist.

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12 Responses

  1. mark

    I went with poached but eggs are very situational.
    Poached eggs are my favorites for anything where I want the yolk to help make a sauce on the plate. Fried is the only way for an egg sandwich in my book. Omelets are all about what you have on hand to put in them (see fritatta)
    Sunny side up is a great visual that often has the same function as a good poached egg and scrambled eggs, well they are really only for a crowd in my house.

    All in all I don’t really like eggs and don’t think about them at all, ever, no not this guy, no eggs here.

  2. Kath

    I don’t eat a lot of egg, but if I have to, I go for scrambled….scrambled with bacon pieces and cheese mixed in!

  3. Melanie

    Scrambled Eggs. I guess I like Omelets, but the only way I personally cook my eggs is scrambled. robably because that is the only way that they are good.

  4. Jennifer

    I voted other because I like them scrambled, I like them over medium/over hard and I like omelettes.

  5. Geena Stepp

    I had to go with omelette. I mean, you can put anything you want in’em! how could you possible go wrong? but I also like them fried.

  6. Smokin'

    Omelettes – the Julia Child way. Did you ever see her TV clip on how to make omelettes? You should.

  7. Charlie Trotter

    Fried eggs, over medium at most, laid on top of a pile of crispy hash browns, next to a generous side of sausage gravy.

  8. Arwyn

    I don’t like eggs. The only way I’ve been willing to eat them is very hard-fried so they’re chewy, not gooey, squishy or “fluffy”. Even then they better be mixed in with something else, like cheese or chicken.


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