Back in early 2009, Butterfinger, clearly hoping to jump on the energy drink bandwagon, introduced Butterfinger Buzz, a Butterfinger candy bar with”as much caffeine as the leading energy drink.”

And then? Well I don’t know what happened then. Do you? The product was released with not enough fanfare for me to originally notice. They launched a Facebook page and made some “edgy” YouTube videos like this one. Someone even launched a Twitter account calling it “the worst product of all time.” That Twitter account has been inactive since March 2009, the Facebook page no longer exists, and as far as I can tell there have been no new videos made in a couple years. There is still a page for the product on the Butterfinger website, but when you click “get the details” on Butterfinger Buzz events, they’re all listed for dates in 2009.

So why do I ask about this product now? Because the traffic driving geniuses at Buzzfeed featured a post a few days ago on the front page of their Food Buzz section titled “Butterfinger, now with added caffeine!” The word “now” of course, usually indicates a recent product development or change, but Butterfinger Buzz is anything but that. This is something created 2 1/2 years ago that may or may not still exist.

Supposedly the product was originally available at Wal-Greens and 7-11. I ask my eagle-eyed So Good readers – have you ever seen this product before? Was it two years ago? Have you seen it in stores recently? If it does exist, where is it sold? If it doesn’t why does Butterfinger STILL have a webpage for it up? DOES THIS BIGFOOT OF THE CANDY WORLD STILL EXIST? Or was it all just a brief enigma or figment of our imaginations?

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  1. D.

    I used to buy it, then it vanished. I get pretty severe headaches, and the caffeine really helped (and I’m not much of a coffee or carbonated beverage fan). I wish they’d bring it back.

  2. Mason

    @Shannon “Don’t know. Don’t care.”

    You mean an onlooker’s reaction if you got hit by a truck? That’s how people react when you’re unpleasant, much as I assume this is why you react in such a manner to this candy bar.

  3. ED

    I’ve got one in my possession right now; aunt works at Nestle and gave it to me years ago (~2009)


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