This Thursday’s Eating Styles poll addresses that age-old conundrum: what do you do when the last bite of your hot dog consists of only bread and ketchup? Do you throw it away…or eat it?

We’ve all been there – sitting around a campfire, lounging on seldom-used patio furniture at somebody’s grad party, or kneeling awkwardly on a picnic blanket. Family and friends are chatting, children are laughing, dogs are barking, but the only thing that holds our focus is right in front of us…the dreaded last bite of a hot dog.  Due to a critical lack of communication between the hot dog and hot dog bun industries, our “hot dog” at this point is nothing but a cream puff-sized poof of white bread dotted with ketchup (and maybe a few bits of chili or relish) We find ourselves faced with a tough choice: do we eat it or throw it away?

What do you do, So Good readers? Do you shrug and pop the little bit of bun into your mouth, or throw it disdainfully onto your baked beans-smeared paper plate? When you come to that last bite of a hot dog, do you eat it or throw it away?

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7 Responses

  1. willrun4food

    I would eat a bite with mustard, relish or coney sauce…you know, things that actually belong on a hot dog. Otherwise, I’m using it to sop up the remains of baked beans.

  2. Shannon

    This would not happen to me. I always preallocate my last bite to be my best bite, but I would eat the meatless last bite.

  3. Sophia

    I always push my hot dog back to make sure it fits and I eat from both ends, but if all else fails I would eat it.

  4. stacey@Havoc&Mayhem

    I too make a point of arranging the hot dog so there is going to be some left for the last bite.

    Sometimes I over compensate & have too much dog for the amount of bun.

    If the ratio ends up wrong in either direction I don’t eat it.

    This is why I usually stick with corndogs

  5. Lis

    I’m horrified that your default hotdog condiment is ketchup, and am boycotting this poll as a result.

    For shame.

  6. Julien

    If you planned that poorly and left yourself with no meat in your final bite, you should be forced to eat it. Wasting food is retarded, and the bun isn’t bad with a touch of condiments. Throw a scoop of sauerkraut or potato salad in there if you can’t do it.


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