It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for another Eating Styles poll. Today’s question: what do you put on your toast?

Toast has been the artistic focus of many oddball creators throughout history, including Dr. Suess, Ok Go, and about a million artists who have used it to reproduce the Mona Lisa. But today, we don’t want to know what you make with your toast. We want to know what you put on it.

Do you slather butter on that burnt canvas in the morning, So Good readers? Honey? Peanut butter and jelly? Nutella? Or maybe you’re an ambitious foodie who goes for something more creative. Vote for your favorite toast topping below and explain in the comments. By the way, “I don’t eat toast” is not an option. There are literally hundreds of ways to enjoy this breakfast classic, so even if you don’t think you eat toast…you do.

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10 Responses

  1. BryanC

    Butter, Cinnamon, and Sugar. A nice sweet morning delight.
    2nd pick would be Peanut Butter.

  2. Jen

    Butter and homemade preserves (almost any kind). And tons of both. I consider it a dessert treat when we have breakfast for dinner. I usually eat toast with just butter when we have breakfast for breakfast. Weird, huh?

  3. James

    butter with a cinnamon and sugar spread over it. the ultimate sugar treat to get you up in the morning 🙂

  4. Christine

    With cashew butter and apricot preserves. It’s sweet and just the right kind of fatty.


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