This Thursday’s Eating Styles goes out to all you cereal-lovers! Or, more specifically, all you Lucky Charms lovers!

My question is simple: do you pick the marshmallows out?

Some morning munchers have been known to deviously slide their spoons in and around those treacherously healthy-looking cereal bits to capture the marshmallows and only the marshmallows. The benefits of this eating style? Sugar high! The drawbacks? Sugar coma.

Other cereal eaters prefer to balance their super-sweet refined carbohydrates with slightly less super-sweet refined carbohydrates by including both marshmallows and cereal in every bite. Though not as sensational, this eating technique is more balanced and requires less thought – a true asset for an early meal.

I’ve also seen eaters who clear out the cereal bits first, leaving a stockpile of soggy, colorful, sugary goodness for the end. It’s no pot of gold, but you take what you can get.

How do you eat your Lucky Charms, So Good readers? Do you take the time to isolate those marshmallow chunks of sugary delight? Plow through your bowl like the groggy morning breadwinner you are? Or maneuver your spoon around the marshmallows and gather up the cereal bits, leaving yourself a “pot of gold” at the end? Any other quirky cereal techniques? Choose your answer and explain in the comments!

It goes without saying that this poll also applies to Marshmallow Mateys, or any other marshmallow-based cereal.

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And, just because I’m curious…

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6 Responses

  1. Hannah

    It’s all about delayed gratification:
    1) no milk
    2) pick out marshmallows, set aside
    3) eat cereal bits
    4) eat marshmallows in a vague order of preference saving the best for last (that would be the pink hearts).

    Is there an OCD-cereal-eaters Anonymous group by the way?

  2. Wolfgang Puck

    Cereal first and QUICKLY..otherwise the marshmallows get too mushy. Or pour in the milk, stir it up abit then drink the milk…buys you a little time.

  3. Sizzle

    “Hearts, stars and horseshoes…
    Clovers and blue moons!
    Pots of gold and rainbows…
    And me red balloons!”

  4. Ivy

    I pick out the marshmallows, and put them off to the side. Then, I put milk on the brown pieces and eat them. After that, I eat the marshmallows. Sometimes, I eat it dry, eating the brown pieces first, then the marshmallows.


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