As has been documented on So Good many, many, many times, man’s quest to make bacon a part of every aspect of life apparently has no bounds.  Therefore, it only seems natural that cologne is the next step into the abyss of bacon insanity.  Why just enjoy the simple pleasure of bacon or stuff tasting like bacon?  Why not start smelling like the porcine delicacy?  The cologne has a “secret recipe blending 11 popular pure essential oils with the essence of…bacon” so that you too can be swarmed by hungry animals and probably an apocalypse worth of flies.  Enjoy.

H/t to Eater for the top picture.

P.S.  Strangely enough, this is not the first instance of meat-inspired fragrances, as reported here.
P.P.S.  There is also a 17.6% chance that this product is bunk.

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