Update: Voting on these match-ups is now closed. Wow! What a sea-saw battle between popchips and Pringles! In the last two hours it was back and forth and hard to tell which one would prevail! But ultimately, popchips (52%) defeated Pringles (48%). Oreo (70%) defeats Milanos (30%). Tune in Friday at 12 pm, when popchips will take on the winner of the Misc. Snacks bracket, and Oreo will take on the winner of the Cracker Bracket.

We are down to the Elite Eight. Today we determine the winner of the Cookie & Potato Chip brackets. Voting goes from 12 pm Wednesday to 12 pm Thursday. Check back on Thursday at 12 pm to see who won these match-ups to advance to the Final Four, and to vote on Thursday for the winners of our Cracker and Misc. Snack brackets. Full bracket of Snack Madness is below, check it:

Remember, you are voting for the snacks you think deserve to advance. You can base your vote on taste, cost, availability, variety of flavors, childhood memories, nutrition – whatever you deem “most important” in choosing a snack you like.

Today’s match-up in the Potato Chip bracket is:

Today’s match-up in the Cookie bracket is:

Which of these snacks deserves to represent its respective bracket in the Final Four?

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24 Responses

  1. heather

    popchips are awesome! if you have not tried them…YOU NEED TO! healthier snacking without compromise or guilt..

  2. Anne-Marie

    My kids love these and I don’t feel guilty giving them this kind of snack for school! Great job popchips!!!

  3. Gene Flora

    Popchips are the best! No grease and great taste. Who could ask for more?

  4. Cathy

    Popchips are the best and one of the healthier items you can get in the “chips” isle. You can’t go wrong with Popchips.

  5. Andrea

    Fell in love with Popchips after getting samples at Cupcake Camp LA. FYI: Ralph’s carries the small bags, on sale for $1each! Time to stock up!

  6. Spam

    I do have to say that Popchips stuffing the ballot box so hard is taking all the fun out of Snack Madness.

  7. Travis Graham

    well it happens every year Spam… i forget who it was during the Fast Food Bracket last year, but it happens.

    i must say i’ve never tried a popchip. i’ve seen them but have never been compelled to buy them. when i buy a chip i don’t go for healthy. pringles it is for me.

  8. Wine Traveler

    No Stuffing going on (except Popchips into peoples mouths), this is truly a better chip. Once you try it you will agree. and they have a huge Twitter and Facebook following so probably more aware consumers therefore more votes. I’m a fan of Pringles also, but popchips is better.

  9. Eick

    @spam – stuffing the ballot box would be one person voting many times (I have a system set up to prevent that). If popchips has lots of people they can motivate to vote through social media, that’s not really ballot stuffing, just loyal fans. Although Pringles has mounted a huge comeback, looks like the popchips run may be over.

  10. Jeff

    @Spam, How asking friend to vote stufing the ballot. There is the possibility that the friend we tell, actually liking Pringles better and voting for them. Also, I found out about this from Popchips facebook page, there is nothing wrong with Popchips telling their fans about this, and asking them to vote. Pringles has a facebook page and guess what? They are doing the SAME THING. So Popchips is not doing anything that Pringles is not doing as well. Its great PR and each company is working to try to get each one the winner!.

  11. Jeff

    Pringles has over 11 million followers, and popchips has 113,000 followers. Now I ask you. Since this is such a close race.. Who has the more avid followers? 🙂


    Popchips taste like chips without the oil and they have some great flavors BBQ my favorite.

    Other non oil products, tast bland, kind of like hospital food!

  13. Kelly Baker

    How is this actually a competition? It’s popchips all the way for a million reasons (taste, flavors, quality of ingredients, non-greasy fingers, popped not fried, bag vs. can and on and on). Plus, I don’t trust anyone with a moustache, so the creepy Pringles cartoon guy loses it for them automatically. 😉


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