Update: Voting on these match-ups is now closed. Lay’s (60%) defeats Utz (40%), popchips 66% beat Kettle (34%), Pringles (57%) over Ruffles (43%) and Cape Cod (59%) over Terra (41%).

Yesterday and this morning we were voting on match-ups in the Cookie bracket. Today, the second round continues with match-ups in the Potato Chip bracket. Voting on these match-ups goes from 12 pm Wednesday to 12 pm Thursday. If you aren’t hip yet to Snack Madness, read our intro post here, and click the updated bracket below to see our seeds, contenders and first round winners.

Today’s match-ups are:

Who are you voting for and why? Which of these contenders do you think can run the bracket and make the final four? Any potential upsets? Share your thoughts in the comments after you vote.

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53 Responses

  1. Andrea

    popchips for the win! Popchips r so addictive. I always start with one and then can’t stop until I’ve finished the whole bag.

  2. rachel

    i tried voting for popchips but the page showed that i had already placed a vote, even though i had not

  3. Eick

    Hi rachel – someone else must have already voted from your office/IP address. Check back in a little bit and you should be able to vote!

  4. Capi

    Popchips are little bits of heaven…especially if you have removed fatty, oily, snacks from your diet. BBQ flavor the best!! You’ll never look back at regular chips.

  5. Lea

    Popchips are awesome!! Great taste and great for you! I can eat an entire bag of popchips and be less fat and calories than a single serving of traditional chips. Kettle chips are too crunchy.

  6. Chris

    For those who have never been lucky enough to try them…Popchips are like taking Christmas and your birthday and stuffing it into a small, healthy, and most importantly delicious little chip!

  7. Linda

    Only one can win…Popchips!!! Being on Weight Watchers this allows me to have a snack without blowing my diet.

  8. raoul

    wow…. I cant believe so many people are against kettle chips! Seriously guys…Pop chips taste great and all…. But as far as snacks go….Kettle chips are the best. I really think the pop chips vs kettle chips is a little unfair. Long live kettle chips…. This should have been a no brainer

  9. raoul

    I know I just left a remark. But if you are counting calories, this is the wrong blog for you to be on. This is a junk food blog. Who cares if one snack food is better than another. This blog is about empty calories and unhealthy foods– this blog is about what foods give you the most immediate pleasure!!!! not what is most healthy for you– LONG LIVE KETTLE CHIPS!!!!!

  10. Beth

    @Lea…Kettle chips’ crunchiness is why I love them so much! To each his own, I guess. LOL

  11. FOK

    They aren’t fried, they aren’t baked–they’re popped! That’s why they are so good. That and a very effective viral marketing campaign.

  12. Janet

    Frankly, I don’t care who wins. I’m just mad my cupboard is bare after voting for those yummy snacks. *stomach growling*

  13. Wine Traveler

    Raoul, I sympathize with you in that Kettle would be my second choice and it is a shame that it came up against popchips so soon. But healthy or not popchips rule.

  14. lisa

    i haven’t met a chip i didn’t like but i have to say there’s nothing more heavenly than a ruffles chip dunked in some onion dip. pop chips salt vinegar are crunchy divinity

  15. anamar

    Popchips deserve to be within your reach whenever the snack craving hits! They’re addicting!

  16. Karen

    I like Popchips, but I cannot believe that they are beating Kettle. There’s nothin’ better than a Kettle chip, even the baked ones are good!


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