Update: Voting on these match-ups is now closed. Tostitos (76%) tops Bugles (24%), Chex Mix (61%) defeats Rold Gold (39%), Cheetos (56%) edges SunChips (44%) and Doritos (73%) crushes Fritos (27%).

The second round begins! We start off Round 2 in the “Miscellaneous Bracket” – snacks other than Cookies, Crackers and Potato Chips. Voting on these match-ups goes from 12 pm Monday to 12 pm Tuesday. If you aren’t hip yet to Snack Madness, read our intro post here, and click the updated bracket below to see our seeds, contenders and first round winners.

Today’s match-ups are:

Who are you voting for and why? Which of these contenders do you think can run the bracket and make the final four? Any potential upsets? Share your thoughts in the comments after you vote.

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2 Responses

  1. mark

    I’m with you, Sam. While BBQ Fritos are still on of my favorite chips, I don’t think they can topple Doritos. Bugles against Tostitos I don’t quite get. Tostitos have never really impressed me as a tortilla chip. They are pretty generic. Bugles on the other hand are one of a kind in flavor and shape. They win hands down in my book


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