After defending Taco Bell time and time again, they have stabbed me in the back. If there are two things that should never be combined it’s seafood with fast food, and Taco Bell has done just that with the following abomination.

Some of you crazy freaks LIKE fish and tacos. Give me a break and get out of my kitchen. Fish do not deserve the indignity of being wrapped in a tortilla. They should be lovingly gutted alive and eaten almost raw off of a sizzling frying pan in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness. Hyperbole aside, I hate fish tacos. What say you, So Good readers?

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3 Responses

  1. Eick

    I do not concur with my fellow So Good contributor Cary. Good fish tacos are AMAZING. Get to San Diego and have some FRESH fish tacos.

    I would, however, not trust any sort of seafood from Taco Bell!

  2. Brad

    Second that comment. While fish tacos can be truly awesome, I would never in a million years order anything from Taco Bell that had shrimp in it. Yech.

  3. mark

    While I completely agree that shrimp and taco bell should not be mentioned in the same breath, fish tacos are, in fact, amazing.


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