Update: Voting on these match-ups is now closed. Ritz (86%) crushes Wheatables (14%), Barnum’s Animal Crackers (59%) edge Club (41%), Triscuits (65%) defeat Cheese Nips (35%) and Cheez-its (93%) just ravage Better Cheddar (7%).

We kicked off the first two days of Snack Madness voting in the Potato Chip and Cookie brackets. Today, we head down to the Cracker bracket. If you aren’t hip yet to Snack Madness, read our intro post here, and click the bracket below to see our seeds and contenders.

Today’s match-ups

Contenders in today’s voting includes the very strong #1 seed, Ritz and a stalwart of crackers-good-for-topping= in #5 seed Triscuits. Barnum’s Animal Crackers (#8) is an intriguing contender. While they aren’t very versatile, they may provoke fond childhood memories that the more straight-forward buttery-ness of Club (#9) cannot. This section of the bracket also sees three cheese based competitors, with Cheez-its (#4) the odds on favorite in that sub-category. But perhaps Better Cheddar (#13) and Cheese Nips (#12) can make some noise.

Who are you voting for and why? Share your thoughts in the comments


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  1. J. B. Trimarchi

    As a wild and reckless youth, I would have voted for buttery, buttery Ritz. I used to eat them by the tube. But, as a more mature, and wider, adult I must cast my vote for the Triscuit…made from whole grain, a stable platform for toppings, and available in a low-fat option for the wussy husband.


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