Let’s say you’re sitting at the dinner table, and you have a big steak in front of you. Or you’re sitting at the breakfast table with a pile of waffles on your plate. Or it’s brunch on a cruise ship, and you decided to have both waffles and steak because you “have” to take advantage of the all-inclusive (hey, I don’t judge).
The point is, there’s nothing more annoying than having to use your knife and fork to cut your food up. I mean, somebody (maybe not you, but somebody) already went through a bunch of working trying to prepare this meal, so what’s the deal? Some eaters, like the guy sitting on the living room couch in his skivvies with a pile of waffles and steak on his plate, avoid the cutting-up conundrum altogether by stabbing the whole lot in the middle with a fork and downing it state fair style. They will likely continue to do this until the invention of meals you can sip through a straw.
For the other 97 percent of the population who experience at least some sort of public exposure while eating, there are two ways to cut up your food: all at once or as-you-go. It’s pretty simple—you either use your fork and knife to saw off your bites one-by-one, or cut the whole thing up into bits at the beginning of the meal and eat away, home free.
Now I’m not one to take eating styles and assign them to totally unrelated personality traits—wait, who am I kidding? Yes I am. So…are you of the take-it-in-stride, flexible, and adaptable sort, cutting up your meat/waffles/pancakes as you go, adjusting bite size as you please? Or are you the prepare-in-advance, structured, scheduling type, who cuts up your food right away, consigning yourself to one bite size with the knowledge you will be able to eat your entire meal without hassle?

How do you use your fork & knife?

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  1. twasbrilligand@yahoo.com'

    Maybe I’m old (under 30), but I was taught that it was rude to cut everything up ahead of time; good manners required that you cut as you go. Have times changed?

  2. belinda@zomppa.com'
    Belinda @zomppa

    What an interesting poll! I have to say I love cutting up as I go…it’s part of the fun…the process of savoring the meal. And who knows…mid-way, you might change up your bite size!

  3. suicide_blond20001@yahoo.com'

    hybrid method (thats unmannerly– so dont tell my mom) i use the side of my fork for most cutting…and… if i cant saw it up with the side of my fork…i blame the chef for making my meal tooo tough.. ;-)

  4. havocandmayhem@gmail.com'

    Habit from dining with small kids, I cut everything up right away. It’s generally the only way I’ll be able to actually eat my meal in a timely manner. Cut theirs first & then while they start eating cut mine up so I can eat bites in between dealing with whatever their issue of the moment is. I’m just not that concerned with the size of the piece. If I want a bigger bite I’ll put two on my fork if I want a smaller one I’ll cut one in half with my fork.

  5. Sam

    After spending way too long on the Wikipedia page about “eating utensil etiquette,” I believe you’re right, hannah – the proper way to eat is to cut your food up as you go.

  6. smpfeiffer01@gmail.com'

    It’s interesting that you said steak and waffles because I always cut up my waffles right away, but then I always cut up a steak as I go.


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