Update: Thanks everyone for the tremendous response so far, I’ve already received e-mails from more than 2 dozen interested writers. I’m going to give everyone until the end of this week to e-mail me if they are interested, and I’ll be making some decisions on who the new writers will be a few days after that. Thanks – Eick

Hello So Good readers!

So Good is looking for a few good men & women to join myself, JT and Cary on the So Good blogging team.  Are you a food blogger looking for more exposure? A college student with rabid opinions on food? A bored housewife looking to do something creative with your time during the day? Someone who just likes to eat shit and give your opinion on it? If so, So Good is interested in having you join our team.

Benefits include receiving free samples of food & beverages from random companies (I bombarded Cary with more free food to eat than he could handle his first couple months), occasional press passes to food events in your city (restaurant openings, festivals etc.) and the ability to add some pieces to your writing portfolio (or start building one if you don’t have one yet).  Cons include no pay and me getting mildly annoyed if you format stuff wrong.

I’m looking for writers who might be interested in reviewing products, writing about interesting stories in the news, aggregating links every few days for our “News Round-Up” posts and/or an ability to spot interesting and humorous videos, pictures and stories. I’m not hyper-focused on people filling specific roles, I’m just looking for the best, most enthusiastic, humorous writers who can ideally write a minimum of once a week. If you have an idea of what kinds of topics you’d like to focus on or even an idea for a re-occurring column or feature, let me know.

If you read So Good you know that a sense of humor, if not a direct part of your writing, then reflected in your editorial judgment, is a must.  I want writers with a casual and fun(ny) but poignant and informed voice. Strong, occasionally over-the-top opinions a plus.

If you’re interested, send an e-mail to sogoodblog at gmail dot com and let me know your background (not necessarily just writing background, but who you are, how old you are, where you live, what your “deal” is and your attitude towards food etc).  If you have a writing sample or two please send those my way as well, also along with your idea for what type of writing/stories you see yourself focusing on.

If you’re a regular reader but aren’t interested in being a contributor, feel free to use the comments section of this post to let me know what types of stories or content you’d be interested in seeing more of on the pages of So Good in the future. Or just share your hopes, fears and dreams. Whatever dude.

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