Last week I attended a blogger/writer event at Ben & Jerry’s HQ in Vermont. It was a trek back to my home turf, as I grew up in Vermont and also lived there for a year after college.  Later this week I’ll have photos and coverage of my trip to the HQ, as well as lots of great info on Ben & Jerry’s decision to go totally fair trade with all eligible ingredients by 2013.  But as part of our visit we got to go into the flavor lab and create a pint of a brand new flavor. I humbly present my creation. It’s a weird combo, but that’s what I wanted, a bizarre, unexpected mixture.  It did work, and I ate about half the pint plus had fun coming up with a witty Ben & Jerry’s-esque name. (Props to my friend Andy for the pint mock-up).

Red Snapper-stach Haberdash – Silky red velvet ice cream with ginger snaps & pistachio chunks, blended with a classic sense of style:

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