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A couple years ago, So Good reported on the so-called anti-theft lunch bag that made your freshly-made sandwich look moldy.  Apparently, this idea still has legs, as another product has emerged on the market, according to The Consumerist.  I still like this idea — as many loyal readers know, this blog is serious about sandwiches.  We are not only serious about eating them, but also about making them.  Anyone can slap some ham and cheese on bread and make a meal out of it, but the true craftsmen are the ones that can bring together a symphony of flavors in each bite.  With the care I put into the process, having some joker steal my lunch is always a concern.  I think this idea is almost perfect.  The only problem is that it would be a big target for those folks in the office that love to throw away spoiled food.  Therefore, idea = great, real-world practicality = not great.

Do you think the new bag is an improvment?

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  1. mark

    I think they look brilliant. If you keep it in a lunch bag then only someone who is snooping lunch bags is likely to see it, therefore it should be safe from the anti mold fridge cleaning crazies.
    I might start sending them to school with my son, along with a note to the teachers letting them know what they truly are. We have had some issues with kids on the bus grabbing his grub.


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