You are what you eat, as they say.  Did they also say that we would be smashing together fish genes to create really cheap blobs of meat in the shape of fish?

Ah science, you giveth and giveth and giveth.  But sometimes you give too much, and today it’s the FDA helping science give us mutants.  The FDA is the government body that wants to keep all of us safe from all the food borne diseases and drugses and boner pillses.  It has been argued that the FDA is a tool of BIG BUSINESS, and that they care more about cold hard scrilla than the average Joseph T. Shmoe. Perhaps they have now become a tool of mad scientists!!!

Any wonderful American business has the right to increase profit and efficiency.  Even if said business is combining eel genes to create a mutant salmon that is bigger and grows faster than a normal salmon.  Supposedly it’s safe as a…fish.  But who do you trust, the mad scientists?  Or is your common sense telling you that you’ve heard this plot before, and it was a terrible 70’s movie about making fresh water piranha amenable to sea water?

Either way, the FDA is deciding whether or not the manufacturers of these fish will have to properly label them as “genetically modified.” The companies say that labeling the fish will only confuse the average consumer. My gut level says yes, please tell me what bizarre amalgam of nature I’m consuming. I’m pissed off enough when I realize that the salmon I’m eating is artificially colored. What say you, readers of So Good?

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On a note of finality, if you grafted this eel gene into a baby will it turn into an awesome super-sized human capable of tremendous feats? And more importantly, what would this gene do for sharks?

Ah yes. That.

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