After my Pop Tart’s World experience, I knew I had to go find something even crazier to eat while in NYC. This led me to Long Island City in Queens, where I met my best friend from college for a tasty lunch at El Ay Si (get it? like LIC for Long Island City?).  He promised me the place would more than meet my expectations for deliciousness, and let me tell you, dude didn’t lie.  After surveying the menu, there was one sandwich creation that just jumped out at us that we knew MUST be tried, named simply “Red Eye”:

The sandwich you see above contains bacon, bananas and peanut butter, served on French toast. Heavy? Yes. Messy? Yes? Absolutely freakin delicious in every bite? You bet.  If you ever go to EL Ay Si, my advice is no matter how much apprehension you have, man up, order this sandwich and enjoy the experience.  Just ask yourself WWEO (What Would Elvis Order)

The meal wouldn’t have been complete without another extravagant, bacon themed side dish, so we made sure to order the bacon mac ‘n cheese to accompany our meal.


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