As I sit in my office this morning, it is out there.  In the tangible world, a burger exists that is not truly a burger.  It is an IMPOSTER.  A fink.  I am speaking of McDonald’s new-ish Big Mac Wrap.

Take a Big Mac.  Remove the buns.  Cut the patties in half, sometimes quarters. Wrap up everything else (especially the special sauce, yummo!) in a carb-friendly wrap.  And there you have it!

The bastard son of the falafel, the Big Mac Wrap.

The new commercials are out and they are intoxicating.  Regular people like you or me are featured, speaking to the Big Mac Wrap as if re-introducing themselves to an old friend.  In terms of marketing strategies, this is as safe as they come.  Take an established product, deconstruct it, sell it.

It’s a win-win.  On the one hand, if people don’t buy it they can simply revert back to ye olde Big Mac.  It’s also a win for franchises who don’t have to spend extra money buying new ingredients.

It’s also the laziest freaking deconstruction possible.  Put a wrap on something and it is born again!

Yes, according to the nutritional facts this wrap is better for you.  You’re still getting absolutely murdered by sodium intake.  Also, instead of eating anything else in the burger world, you’re eating a Big Mac that’s been put in a blender.

Taste: Not suprisingly, it tastes like a Big Mac.  Yawwwwwwwwn.

Texture: I hate.  Eating a Big Mac without a bun is a completely alien experience.  I kept finding myself wondering about the bun.  Am I really that programmed burger-wise?  Does my Giant America Burger Made Proudly By Americans really need that bun?

Cost: Cheaper, but you pay for what you get.

Gimmick Factor: I tried one, so it gets some points here.  However, I would really be about this product if they tried to brand it as a McDonald’s Falafel.  It would have been such a great stretch…

To keep it short and sweet, if you like Big Macs but hate the buns, try this thing.  It truly has no buns.

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  1. Gibby

    I like it! I have been unable to enjoy a big mac for a long time due to not being able to have sesame seeds in my diet. I now can enjoy them once again! I have termed them the big mac taco.


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