As usual this time of year, people love to get all bent out of shape about the content of Super Bowl commercials.  With Tim Tebow on one side, and ManCrunch on the other, folks get all high and mighty about the content of some ads, when of course we all know about the many ads for booze, ED, and other miscellaneous crapola featuring scantily-clad woman.  Hypocrite much? [I like to create my own syntax.]  That said, thanks to Huffington Post, I recently came across a bunch of ads (mostly beer-related) that were not allow to air.  Would they pass the smell test now?

Banned Bud Light ad:

Banned Rolling Rock ad:

Here’s one that should have been banned, for totally seperate reasons:

Wavy Lay’s:

Finally, here is a list of advertisers who are approved heading into Sunday’s big game.  Hopefully there are some good ones in there.

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