Update: AgencySpy is reporting that CBS has rejected the ad, and provided the following statement  to ManCrunch as a response:

CBS Standards and Practices has reviewed your proposed Super Bowl ad and concluded that the creative is not within the Network’s Broadcast Standards for Super Bowl Sunday.

Original Post:

It wouldn’t be Super Bowl season without debate over potentially controversial commercials. While the ad below is not for a food company, but rather for the gay men’s dating site ManCrunch, I thought it worthy of writing about because the pinnacle moment comes when the two featured men in the commercial have their hands brush up against each other while reaching into a bowl of potato chips – leading to an impromptu, but passionate make-out session.

Ah, hook-ups driven by food, you are an o-so-common occurrence. I mean seriously, how many times in your life have you awkwardly brushed hands with a date while reaching into a popcorn bag at a movie? Or accidentally started eating the same piece of spaghetti from opposite ends when sharing a plate of pasta (that happens in real life, not just Lady & The Tramp, right?)

The ad has not yet been formally accepted or rejected, but  ManCrunch’s PR agency has informed me that:

the site’s executives now believe CBS is intentionally postponing a final call on whether they will air the ad because they are worried about a backlash from gay and lesbian advocacy groups if they reject it.

It sounds to me like maybe ManCrunch is fishing for a story – if CBS was worried about backlash from gay and lesbian groups, wouldn’t they just accept the ad? If they are considering rejecting it, then they must have some level of concern about “pro-family” or anti-gay groups complaining or criticizing CBS if they were to air it.

So what do you think readers, should CBS reject this ad? Or is it ridiculous that they would even consider doing so?

And what do you think of ManCrunch’s intentions with this ad? Are they seriously interested in forking over the cash for this commercial to air, or are they just trying to stoke some controversy where it doesn’t exist in order to get some “buzz” online?

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  1. Dori

    I wouldn’t think CBS would air ANY ad featuring a passionate makeout session, gay or straight, during the Super Bowl. Seems like a forced controversy to me.

  2. BZ

    CBS airs sex-filled ads ALL the time. How about a little “Go Daddy” for your half-time pleasure? Super Bowl ads are meant to be provocative and I think they should definitely air this one. It’s a real service, a funny and entertaining ad and they deserve the same consideration anyone else would receive.

  3. suicide_blond

    if they can air the “go daddy” spots and the anti abortion spots… i reallly cant see any argument (obvious bigotry aside)for them not to air mancrunch’s spot….and if the submission is just for publicity in and of itself…well then well played my friends well played… guerrilla advertising campaigns have done worse things than shed light on bigotry … ok ok ok wow i was on that soapbox for a looong time somebody hook me already! :-0

  4. mthrisho

    Consider that an ad like this couldn’t air in the UK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAKYpUo18wU and we’re just as crazy (or perhaps crazier) about gays in America I doubt a commercial where two beer drinking, potato chip eating, football loving Americans start making out is really going to fly well. In fact, while I find the video hilarious and somewhat cute, I think some people might actually be confused by what is going on in the commercial, did they just turn gay or is there some further story here, why is the third guy so confused looking and scared. Plus, when I stop and think about it, clearly those two dudes just found each other randomly, why do they need a dating site? If this commercial makes it on, I will be surprised since it does seem like a way to stir up a very mundane controversy. Either way the video makes a hilarious thing to send to people.

  5. Cary

    I didn’t find the ad to be inappropriate outside of openly baiting homophobes. If they were aiming to bridge the gap between Manly Man Man Football Man Fans and gays, they failed miserably. I’m not sure this ad was meant to openly combat Tim Tebow’s Boo Abortion piece, as this battle is being portrayed in the media.

    Why do people think that pro/anti-abortion issues are the same as pro/anti-gay issues? I get that it’s easy to lump people together ideologically (Rush-loving small government Bible Humpers vs. Gay Socialist BIG GOV’T Baby Killers) but this isn’t the same battle.

    Also, the ad wasn’t really that funny. They could have done a spoof piece featuring a Dr. Neil Clarke Warren figure and young attractive white people finding love, with that goofy music in the background.

    Wait, isn’t this supposed to be about food?

  6. sam

    this add and other is sick this its whats wrong with our world today we accept to much crap instead of saying your wrong gay is wrong and sinful our world if falling apart because we dont say no to this sickness


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