Apparently, fat, drunk and stupid actually is the way to go through life – at least according to Burger King.  BK, the creator of such brilliant concepts as “Singing in the Shower” and “Burger Shots,” today announced that they will start serving beer along with their plethora of food-like products in mid-February at a trial location.  This establishment, fashionably dubbed “Whopper Bar,” will be in South Beach, which shouldn’t surprise anyone.  If successful, the chain will spread these eateries to other towns featuring elastic-waisted-pants-wearing-tourists, like LA, Vegas and NYC.  It clearly is not enough for the chain to fill you up with salt, saturated fat and cholesterol – you have to be boozed up as well.  Ahh, the American dream.  I can’t wait to place my next drive-though order.

H/t to Carl for the picture.

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  1. Brian

    How long before some drunk is waking up with The King, hungover, with the taste of Whopper and The King’s “special sauce” in their mouth?


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