In what will likely be good news to soft drink connoisseurs out there, Pepsi has announced that on December 28th, they are bringing back a version of their recipe with cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup for a couple months.  While I am not a big fan of soda in general (or ‘pop,’ so I can speak to the whole country), I am much less a fan of HFCS, which I think was originally made by the devil.  Regardless, I know how people love Mexican Coke as well as Dublin Dr. Pepper, both made with cane sugar, so I am sure that a portion of folks will be super into this product.  But don’t expect this drink to be around long, as Pepsi surely will want you back on the HFCS train, per their agreement with the government and corn producers.  Until then, have fun.

H/t to Serious Eats for the scoop.

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  1. Hans

    I really dont think it tastes that great myself. I enjoy the passover coke. But the thing that is the best of ALL times is Coca Light. You can purchase it in Mexico, seriously tastes like regular coke, but its Mexican diet coke. Dang, them mexicans are good.

  2. tim

    They launch this AFTER one of the biggest “eating” days of the year?

    Launch it December 22. Do another promotion just before New Year’s Eve re mixed drinks be HFCS-free.

    Do it right or don’t bother.


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