Usain Bolt's Yam shoes.

Many sports fans know that Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt recently competed in the track and field world championships in Berlin, Germany.  During two outstanding performances in the 100m and 200m races, Bolt broke both world records that he previously set at last year’s Beijing Olympics.  What makes these feats newsworthy in this space is the story behind the shoes he wore.  (Yes, it’s got to be the shoes.)

Bolt had his custom-made Pumas designed in a color to mirror his favorite root vegetable, the yam (see above).  Apparently, Bolt grew up loving the tuber, and it clearly has made an impact on him.  The question is, has it made him the runner that he is today, and is it too late to invest in yam futures?  Regardless, I hope it brings more attention to the delightful root, which it high on my deliciousness scale.

H/t to Stuff/Nz for the photo, and for those sweet potato/yam lovers out there, a great recipe here.

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  1. Velva

    Yes, it must have been the yams that made him such a great sprinter! Your blog post made me smile 🙂 Thanks.

    By the way, love the tubers myself.

  2. Ben

    That sweet potato recipe is very tasty. FYI, however, while sweet potatoes have great health benefits and are also delicious, yams have separate and unique health benefits — which have contributed to the world’s fastest man’s feats.

    Sweet potatoes have pretty good protein for a carb-y food and are packed with vitamin A (as well as vitamin E, calcium and iron). Yams give it to you with B vitamins, vitamin C, Omega-3s, potassium and some other stuff like folic acid and manganese…

    Both sound good to me, but offer different super powers — it’s the tubers that will make you run like the wind.


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