I eat bananas almost on a daily basis.  I am one of the believers that they are a perfect food.  So, it came as quite a surprise when I recently saw a video that turned my banana world upside down. 

Question: How do you open a banana?  You peel the stem down, right?  Apparently, this is not how monkeys break into this fruit – they start at the other end.  Watch this:

Just mind boggling.   That said, will you convert? 

H/T to Choosing Raw c/o This Is Life In Austin for this revelation.  And to Banana Bunker, just because.

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9 Responses

  1. Cin

    That’s how we’ve done it since we were kids! My stepdad showed us the way long long ago!

  2. Sethonious

    Been doing it that way quite a while. Plus the stem makes a nice handle this way.

  3. Mark

    You all struggle with opening it from the “top”? I’m game to open it from the other end, but I don’t have problems so no real desire to switch.

  4. Lilia

    I just tried it today, I will never peel a banana the old way again!!! Why didn’t I ever try this before?!!!


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