I had to do a double-take when I first came across this device. Called the Banana Bunker, this fruit case is supposed to keep your banana free from any bruises or mistreatment that might befall it during commuting time or general banana transport. Just stick the fruit into the sleeve and it’s ready when you need it. While I am totally on board for this notion, having turned away many once-promising bananas in the past due to unsightly mushy areas discovered upon peeling, I’m not sure I, nor anyone else I know, could pull this off. Can you imagine the look on a co-worker’s face when you pulled this package out of your bag? My guess would be shock and then a prompt call to HR.

Also, for the style-conscious, it does come in a range of colors. Dig in, and report back here with stories from the field.

Also, check out a YouTube demo video – which should be rated at least PG-13.

H/T to Outblush for the top photo.

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  1. Herbert Roulhac Jr.

    Practical for the “Brown Baggers” and Lunch Pail group to keep it from turning into mush and all bruised up. The color variety should appeal to these who must be color coordinated and the kids


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