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I’d like to think that I am pretty tapped into what is going on in the world of food.  I love to eat, talk about food, and read about food.  Therefore, I am pretty pleased about the recent movement seen in films like Food Inc. and FRESH – both which make people think about what they are eating and where it comes from.  I think this is a step in the right direction – away from the highly processed, chemically-engineered, HFCS-infused products that dominate the super market aisles.  The fact that our food system has gotten so far out of whack really hammers home the need for change. 

For me, this change starts locally.  After seeing this article in the Huffington Post about the country’s best farmer’s markets, I thought how this kind of widespread action would send a positive ripple effect in all directions.  I love farmer’s markets – they are good for you (healthy/delicious), the economy (local farmers), the environment (lower transportation costs) and everything else.  We have to start somewhere, people, and this is a great way to begin to turn the tide. 

H/t to HuffPo for the picture from NYC’s own Union Square Greenmarket, which is fantastic.

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