As in Franklin D. Roosevelt, who appears on the  U.S. dime.  This Taco Bell ad/video was made by Chris Applebaum, best known for videos for artists like Britney Spears and Rihanna. Message is pretty straight forward, “our food is cheap, you can buy it with pocket change.” I’m not jumping out of my seat for this one, but it’s not a bad ad strategy.

Via AdRants.

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  1. Bear Silber

    “I’m not jumping out of my seat for this one, but it’s not a bad ad strategy.” – That’s exactly how I feel about this campaign. I’m not “into” it but I do find it pretty smart. It seems like these fast food companies are really pumping out the new deals, foods, prices, ads, etc.

  2. Taco Bell Canada

    Thanks so much for your post. My name is Hessie Jones and I work with Taco Bell in Canada. I’m perusing conversations in the interweb and I came across yours. It’s nice to see that the message is resonating with you guys. Please keep the comments coming. Cheers

  3. Jessica

    When Taco Bell first opened in my small town in NC in the early nineties, you could buy one of everything on the menu for around $20. Now, it is much more expensive, but it is still one of the cheaper options when it comes to fast food. I really like the fact that they have food items for less than one dollar! BRING BACK THE 99 CENT NACHOS WITH ALL THE TOPPINGS!

  4. Mike

    forget the food , forget the the economy. but enjoy the fun and if your hungry and just have few dime’s in your pocket go to Taco Bell w/ a song in you heart.
    and mung.


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