Following up on their ridiculously hot/interesting/bizarre/whateves commercial staring Padma Lakshimi, Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s is continuing with the “attractive celebrity” theme in their ads. There are reports that Audrina Partidge has filmed a new commercial for the burger chain, and E online has a photo from the shoot:


Hmmmm…I think I’ll be looking forward to this ad.

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  1. Cary

    According to certain tabloids, Captain Kirk dumped her over this ad.

    Glad I know this. My life is truly enriched by Chris Pine’s dating rituals.

  2. MinD

    If she’s that skinny and actually eating that stuff, I’ll have to kill her. So not fair.

  3. KSH

    Really pretty. But then again, you can’t see her face. I’m not a big fan of her face. It’s up there with Paris. Hmm…conspiracy?


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