Grilled Steak

There is nothing better than a steak grilled outside in the summertime.  The aroma and sensation of cooking one’s own dinner over an open flame are both very primitive and satisfying feelings.  Not to mention the flavor of marbled beef cooked medium rare (my taste) along with all the appropriate sides makes for perfection incarnate.

I recently saw that The Washington Post  put together a handy chart (pdf) for doing the above activity, that is, without breaking the bank.  Instead of my cherished bone-in rib-eye or strip steak, the article makes a case for cuts such as hangar, flatiron and tri-tip.  The chart also provides basics of grilling as well the parts of the cow where all the cuts come from.  

Give it a look and enjoy the delicious results.  And report back here with results!

H/t to Consumerist for the scoop and Another Pint Please… for the pic.

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  1. KevinB

    My favourite cheap cut to grill is blade steak. Yes, you have to spend a little time trimming the gristle before you grill, and if you go beyond medium rare (I only go to rare myself), it gets pretty chewy. I take care to cut it in thin slices against the grain to avoid the same chewiness. But at half the price (or less) than sirloin, it’s a pretty good middle of the week treat.

    I don’t bother with any sauces; just a little Montreal steak spice. Blade is only about 1″ thick, so I don’t need to grill it more than 2-3 minutes a side for rare. I like a hot grill so I get a nice char on the outside. You need to plan ahead a bit if you want grilled sides (I like peppers, tomatoes, and zucchini), as they will take a few minutes longer. Looking forward to a long hot summer!


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