Yes, a Susan Boyle themed pizza. The Scotsman reports that a bakery in Scotland called Sayers, has created the “Olive Boyle” pizza as a tribute to the exceptional skill of Susan Boyle in the categories of  singing and acting really socially awkward .


Good lord that’s one hideous looking pizza. Now I understand the use of black olives to make her hair.  I also understand that some people like black olives. But I ask you: do you really like black olives enough to eat that many in each bite? I submit that you do not.  So just to re-cap about the pizza:  A) Looks horribly disgusting, and B) most likely tastes equivalent to shoving an entire can of black olives into your mouth at once.

But what makes the article about this new pizza absolutely awesome is this quote from the bakery’s product development chef:

“There are photos of Susan Boyle everywhere and I started thinking how much she looks like a pizza with that round head of hers.”

Lets go through the list of reactions one might have had when they first viewed the Susan Boyle YouTube clip. For some, their reaction was “wow, she has a beautiful voice.”  For others it was, “what an inspiring story.”  But for the chef, the reaction was, of course, “that lady’s head looks like a pizza.”  Nice.

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  1. music and lyrics

    Susan Boyle gave an example of how senseless our paradigms of beauty are. I was so happy to see the faces of those that put you down at the beginning, (those girls). You knocked us all out! God Bless You Susan Boyle, do not let any dirty hands touch you. You are so beautiful! The best of luck for you foerever.


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