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Update: MixMyGranola is offering a $3 off coupon to all So Good readers.  Just enter SOGOOD at the checkout to get $3 off you final order.

Thanks to the generous folks at Mix My Granola, the So Good World Headquarters recently received an offer to try a food item I love, namely granola.  I eat this stuff all the time, and consider myself quite a connoisseur – so I jumped at the chance.  I was not let down.

As the company name implies, you are able to design a custom combination of ingredients to satisfy whatever tastes you want to put together.

My choices: Organic Granola base, Organic Raisins, Cranberries, Pecans, Walnuts, Organic Flax Seeds and Organic Coconut Shreds.

Now I went relatively healthy, but they have a ton of options – everything from candy corn and gummy bears to dried melon and macadamia nuts.  They also have pre-made combos, but those aren’t nearly as fun.  The order came loose in a tube, with the nutrition info for the specific contents detailed on the label.  (I would have preferred a bag inside the cylinder to keep the contents a little less shaken, but that was not the biggest deal.)

Here is what my mix looked like:

Mix My Granola Picture

Pure and simple.  And it was good too – I had it with skim milk, and it had a subtle amount of sweetness that was just right for me. Not nearly enough pecans and walnuts for my liking, but overall quite tasty.
Now the price tag on my custom job was not cheap – around $14 with shipping.  But where else can you get this kind of personalized granola?  Not at Whole Foods, I can tell you that.

But don’t take it from me, you can make your own combination with a free $20 gift card for whatever mix strikes your fancy.

All you have to do is comment on this post, and, if possible, link back to this post via tweet or on your blog and/or put So Good in your blogroll.  We will choose the most enthusiastic reader over the next few days.

H/t to Roadside for the HQ pict.

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23 Responses

  1. Zenne

    Oooh! Granola is so tasty, yet so many random things get mixed in with it that I don’t like.

    That is a lot of money for 16 oz of granola mix, though.

  2. Aaron

    I’d go for the organic granola, dried melon, dates and raisins! Then I would stuff them into large dates and wrap them with jalapeno bacon! I bet the granola crunch would add something wonderful to my favorite snack!

  3. Amanda

    Mmm, I’d love to try it but that is pretty pricey. I like the specific nutrional info though and that there might be worth the price. I love to know what I’m eating.

  4. Joanne

    Your on my blog roll…how could I miss a day?! I’m def. linking back to this post on my blog. and my comment… I LOVE granola and your pick is perfect for the health conscious.

  5. Carrie

    Hey, I like what you are doing and added you to my blogroll–more because I am entertained by your blog than at the prospect of free granola. Really, of course. I mean that. (And btw, did you give away that gift card yet?)

  6. Kat

    That is awesome. Kind of expensive for granola, but granola is expensive anyway, and if it’s good, it would be worth it. Now, if only there were a way for me to find out if it’s good… 😉

  7. Rose'sLime

    Is this being covered by the site, ThisIsWhyYourePoor?

    You want to know what’s in your food? Make it! It takes one hour to make Granola at home that’s as good as anything you can buy at whole paycheck and the only ingredients that cost more than a buck a pound is the nuts and the fruit.

    $1.49 an ounce for pecans… for real? Will they get me high? I hope so because the ones that grow on regular trees are $7.50 a pound.

  8. Irina

    Sounds amazing!!! I love granola and eat it almost everyday. I’ve been wanting to try this brand!

  9. Ruca Bangs

    Eick, do the right thing and get decent cameras for all the sogood writers, yourself included. The images, especially of products you’re testing, are pretty embarrassing…

  10. JT

    Ruca –
    Thank you for your input. We would warmly accept any donations for such staff necessities.

  11. JT

    We finally have a winner: Joanne!!!

    She did everything we asked for and more! Thanks to everyone for their support and enthusiasm.


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