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Update: Voting on this match-up is now closed. Bacon defeats Ribs 69% – 31%.

Wow. We had quite the down to the wire vote on that last match-up!  After blowouts by Steak and Chicken, Lobster and Crab fought it out to the bitter end with Crab upsetting Lobster by only 5 votes!

Today’s battle will determine the winner of the Pork Region. #1 seed Bacon takes on Cinderella story #7 Ribs.

Voting will be open until noon tomorrow. Remember, this is the LAST match-up of the Elite 8. Don’t forget this vote is yours and yours alone – you can vote on any criteria, taste, prestige, cost, availability, versatility, whatever you want.  Please use the comment section to argue for the meat you think should prevail and why. Get creative, get nasty, get personal!


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9 Responses

  1. Makin Bacon

    Shouldn’t even be close. Ribs will not be the George Mason this year.

  2. Peggasus

    Bacon! Bacon! Where’s the BACON? I smell Bacon! I can’t reeeeead! (Beggin’ Strips commercial, God I love that commercial.)

    So, ummm….BACON!!

    Ribs are certainly delicious, but not always accessible on a whim when you need/want them, and take too long to make. Worth it, def, but…BACON!!

  3. rossitron

    i voted ribs, knowing they stand a fraction of a chance. i do love bacon, though. i just feel more loyalty and affection for ribs.

  4. DAVE ID

    Had to go with Bacon but it was close. Both are awesome meats. But bacon can break vegans, it’s that good.

  5. Miles

    Yeah. Go ahead and order yourself some bacon instead of ribs. Real cold. Ribs are better.


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