Friends of mine know that I have a love/hate view of Jim Gaffigan.  Three years ago, I had to permanently retire a joke from my stand-up routine because during an “All New” stand-up special on Comedy Central he performed a joke whose wording and set-up was almost word-for-word the same as a joke I had been performing for 2 years.  While I chalked it up to the “great minds think alike” possibility, several of my friends who were comedians were convinced that because the set-up, delivery and wording of the joke was so similar, Gaffigan must have been told my joke at some point by another comedian who had seen me perform.  Bummer either way. It was a good joke. But even though I had been performing it for 2 years, I could never perform it again. Since it had been told by a famous comic on TV, people would think I was stealing the joke from him – so into permanent retirement it went.

That’s the hate part of my view of Jim Gaffigan. The love part? This dude talks about food ALL the time.  Courtesy of our friends at the Bacon Salt Blog, comes a video clip from his upcoming special, “King Baby” where he discusses bacon.

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