A week or two ago, I wrote on Twitter that there is only one thing in the world more disgusting than a Filet O’ Fish Sandwich – the Double Filet O’ Fish sandwich. I stand by that statement.  I haven’t had one of these things in years, but for good reason – A) It looks gross, B) It tastes gross, C) I don’t want to eat fish from McDonald’s and D)Yellow American Cheese?

Seriously, who the F puts cheese on fish? That makes no sense at all.  Also, don’t you dare say Filet OF Fish, it is Filet O’ Fish…obviously. This fish sandwich is of Irish heritage.

I will say this though – their new ad is delightfully creepy and amusing at the same time:

Whateves. The product is still gross.  If you go to the Filet O’ Fish website there’s all sorts of nonsense going on where you can create a Shark Avatar and play some online game called SharkBait II.


This paragraph right here, that I am typing right now, would normally be where I would expand upon the website, provide more details and give my thoughts. But today, I will not be doing that. I mean whateves right? It’s the frickin’ Filet O’ Fish. You either like it or think it’s repulsive. My thoughts on their new website game will have no affect, and honestly, I could care less about SharkBait II.  It looks about as fun as their product looks tasty (i.e. not at all).  Good ad though McDonald’s. Keep up the shamless overpromotion of your fish sandwich which just coincidentally seems to happen during the month of Lent. Seriously, it’s not like anyone can see right through that strategy.

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  1. Derek

    I have had a couple of filet o’ fish, and while the taste was actually ok with me, they induced sharp aches in my stomach every time. So, I don’t eat them.

  2. shatraw

    wendy’s is all up on their fish sandwich now, too. looks like the fast food industry realized how cheap cod is and is forcing us to eat it!

  3. Jackie

    Uhhh I’m fairly sure that shark is supposed to be Bruce from Finding Nemo in which case he better not be eating the Filet O’ Fish because “Fish are friends, NOT FOOD!”

    I had a roommate who used to eat the Filet ‘O Fish without the bun to “save calories” and she had no idea why I looked at her like she was an idiot when she said such things. Taking the bun off of this sandwich does not make it a low calorie food. It doesn’t make it any more edible either.

  4. Skiff

    I really don’t think McDonald’s is trying to hide their “It’s lent Filets O’Fish are cheap” strategy, because they do it every year.

    I like Filets O’Fish, although agree that they should be (ok are) disgusting (if that makes any sense).

    I think the Filet O’Fish is Scottish, not Irish, as McDonald is clearly a Scottish name. If only lent co-incided with Scotchtoberfest.

  5. Jen

    I like Filet O’Fish, and I don’t see why there’d be a post on how disgusting it is if you haven’t tried it. Surely there’s an infinite number of posts you can write on things that gross you out, but that’s not really what this blog is about, is it?

    Also, cheese on a fish sandwich actually really improves it, you can try it on a fish sandwich made with artisanal cheese and fresh fish if you want to test the theory. And saving calories by removing the bun is not the same thing as deeming it low calorie- your roommate was right. It’s the same thing as portion control.

  6. Nate

    Back when I used to eat F’oF, I didn’t mind the cheese as much as I did the tartar sauce. I hated mayo!

  7. Nick

    It weirds me out that the sandwich is almost as cheap as the soda that you can buy with it.

    Fish should not be as cheap as sugar. Something is very, well, fishy there…

  8. Jackie


    This is the same roommate who tried to explain that putting a slice of American Cheese on top of Ramen noodles made them healthier. She was always telling us she was “dieting” and the removing the bun from the FoF was her way of making it a diet sandwich.

  9. shatraw

    oh yeah, lent. man, i’ve really forgotten what it’s like to be a catholic.

  10. Cary

    @ Jackie: Have you ever tried my version of Diet Soda? I wrap a can of pop in american cheese slices. It’s fantastic, I get rid of the fat around my hips, AND the cheese is cold and kind of sweaty from the pop!


  11. Jen

    I’m not saying she’s not an idiot. Just saying that as far as bun removal goes, the logic holds. She’s probably the same type that eats celery cause it burns calories, though.

  12. DAVE ID

    The FoF rules. I actually love it. But I have a love of food that ranges from the absurdly bad for you to “how many ways can we serve Foie Gras?”

  13. KevinB

    Tried the new Wendy’s sandwich a week or so ago; it’s not at all bad, and blows the FoF out of the water, you should forgive the expression. My only complaint is it’s kind of small for the money; I can go to a real fish and chips shop nearby, and get twice as much fish and real chips for about the same price as a combo.

  14. Megan

    I’m SO glad you expanded on this… I was going through old emails and saw your reply – so I checked back and HERE IT IS…

    I kinda miss the creepy “Billy Bass” ad, though… It kind of went away.

    Can’t say I’ve ever had an FOF… did get a fish sandwich from BK on accident, took a bite without looking while driving and realized quickly what I had gotten myself into. Sandwich went out the window and hopefully didn’t kill any birds.

    Fast fish = nasty.

  15. Danny McCoy

    I love the Filet O Fish!! I love it, love it, love it. The only thing better than a filet o fish is the DOUBLE FILET O FISH! so suck it, haters.

  16. me

    I LOVE FILET O FISH SANDWHICHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  17. Vinny

    I also love my Filet-O-fish!! But I have to confess that it taste way better when eaten back in Brazil where I am from.. The fish patty is still kind of fried to order so is really crisp and also the Brazilian fish that is maide of (Merlusa fillet) is way tastier than the US version of it. But as I live in the States now, I have to content myself with what we got and guess what? I’m still lovin’it!!
    Amo muito tudo isso!!!

  18. Jose

    All this talk about filet-o-fish is making me really hungry. I’m going to McDonalds and get a double Filet-o-fish after work! 🙂

    Well to each his or her own. Personally I enjoy it along with large fries and a coke, every other month or so.

  19. clazzy


    mmmmmmmmmm mmmm DELICIOUS!!!!

    So happy its Lent.. I get 2 every day if possible~


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