Denny's Free Grand Slam breakfast

For those of you hankering for a couple flapjacks plus eggs, bacon and sausage, go into Denny’s today from 6am to 2pm for a free Grand Slam breakfast.  If you are willing to face the lines, it is probably worth a shot.

Here is the terrible Super Bowl commercial where Denny’s let the cat out of the bag:

It will be interesting to see if this marketing strategy will work.  I have read reports about Denny’s losing lots of regular customers because of the economy, and they are trying to bring them back.  I am kind of surprised that Denny’s has been feeling the pinch – I know McDonald’s profits have been soaring because of the price point of their food, and I assumed Denny’s might see similar results.  I hope it does, as I have many fond late night memories of this place.

FYI: Calorie count on the GS breakfast here.
H/t to Bransontips for the pic.

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  1. Mrs. L

    The lines outside our local Denny’s here were HUGE this morning. But as I drove by on my way to work, I kept thinking that those in line looked more like the homeless than regulars who would be eating there on a regular basis. Since reports are that the wait was something like over an hour, I don’t see anyone who had to work today, getting a free meal!


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