I mean, I like meat, but whoa. This is just too much. Lamb on a pizza? That’s a new one for me….

Via Food Beast.

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  1. Youppi

    #3, shredded cotto.


    why wouldn’t they put pepperoni or beef or even bacon ahead of this? I feel like they are trying to sneak it in there so people aren’t like “what is cotto?”

  2. Cary

    That pizza looks like what you would see if you looked at the bottom of Domino’s dumpster.

    That being said, this can’t be real. You can’t legitimately say that bacon and “smoked bacon” are two different meats. I would have preferred some lengua meat. Or maybe maple-smoked bacon? Or peppered bacon? Those are different meats, right?

    Also, they should’ve just called it, “MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT…” or maybe ETERNAL MEAT.

    The commercials could be a sensory-overload nightmare, showing jump-cuts of the MEAT pizza with spliced in shots of animals being slaughtered and smiling kids eating the pizza, with some shots of kids swimming around in a swimming pool full of meat scraps and pizza, while a overly-distorted voice-over bellows the word “MEAT” ad nauseum.



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