A gift from a friend, brought back from Britain.

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  1. Jon

    My ex-girlfriend was from Ireland and I used to stock up on this type of candy for when I screwed up. Especially the mint Aeros.

    It was like a get out of jail free card.

  2. Phang

    Cost Plus World Market stocked British chocolate, the last time I checked. I remember getting something along the lines of Flake there. When I was still living in Malaysia, I ate Time Out chocolate, which I believed had a of Flake in it.

  3. grace

    omg Aeros yes. also good and missing from your list: Hob Nobs. I found some at an Irish Fair in Minneapolis this summer, and my friends were like, “why are you freaking out like a crazy person?”

    I miss England.

  4. Broke But Still Drinking

    I’d send my friend back to England and tell em to bring back some better candy or don’t bother coming back. I wouldn’t send a bag of Jr. Mints to a bunch of Brits unless I truly despised them.

  5. Lainie Petersen

    For those who remember, the Aero is very similar to the Chocolite bar that was popular in the USA in the 70s and (I think) early 80s.

    I pick them up at World Market, as others have mentioned.

    And yes, Hob Nobs rule.

  6. KevinB

    All of these – Aero, Smarties, and Flake – are available every day in every corner store in Canada. You don’t have to go to Britain to get them.

    And there are some other great bars that are unique to Canada – Crunchie (chocolate over sponge toffee), Crispy Crunch (chocolate over peanut crunch toffee), Caramilk (chocolate over flowing caramel centre; also available in other flavours), and the all time fave, Coffee Crisp (chocolate over crisp wafers filled with coffee creme). If you have a Sam’s Club or Costco membership in the US, you can use it at their Canadian stores, and pick up cartons at less than $0.60 US per bar.

  7. Cristine

    I didn’t know Aero and Smarties weren’t available in the U.S… weird. Luck for Canadians I suppose? lol


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