Who doesn’t love a good nug?  Nugs, nugs, nugs.  But the queston is, what is a nuggnut? Well, to help celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Chicken McNugget, McDonald’s has started a new “Nuggnuts” campaign.  It features a Nuggnuts website and Facebook group. A visit to the website greets you with this image:

Ah yes, the zen like feeling you get when you bite into a Mcnugget and DON’T get a piece of tendon or a testicle inside – or as McDonald’s calls it – the “Art” of the Nuggnut. Why not celebrate your love of Mcnuggets by buying a Nuggnuts product? Like, oh I don’t know, a coffee mug?

The site also boasts a Nuggnut Hall of Fame, which features such luminaries of the McNugget eating world as Adam Carter, who started the “I Love Chicken McNuggets” group on Facebook and those two dudes, who like, totally did that Mcnuggets rap or something:

Nuggnuts for life. Represent.

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  1. kirsti crichton

    i am a mcnugget. i will represent the nuggnut clan until the day i die and go to mcnugget heaven thank you bye

  2. Shelley

    I thought Nuggs was slang for Maijuana or Testicles either way it makes the term pretty funny since you either love smoking weed or love testicles, go figure.


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