I have become a human garbage disposal for my friends.

My friend Irish let her husband buy these crackers, but quite reluctantly. She thought they looked gross.

The only reasonable compromise was they had to be handed off to me after he tried them. The lengths I go to for my friendships.  Here is what I thought of my friend’s scraps:

Smell: I was quite excited. They had the distinct scent of Old Bay, though not quite so strong. I like Old Bay! This could be good.

Texture/Appearance: Look how cute they are. They look like crabs…but cuddly crabs that won’t pinch you or your little toes as you swim innocently in the ocean. (Sorry, I had an incident when I was a little girl that I haven’t quite gotten past.)  Dark red and black flecks from the seasoning cover these little guys. They have the expected crunch of a cheese cracker.

Taste: The Crabbers (doesn’t that sound dirty) taste like Cheese Its covered in Old Bay…except Old Bay past its prime.  It is like a weaker, sadder version of Old Bay. There is a touch of heat to these as well, but nothing that lingers.

Final Verdict: Sure! Why not!  I don’t know if I was hypnotized by the cute little crab shape of these crackers, but I am totally on board.  For the first time in weeks, I didn’t immediately pitch this food product in the trash.  That has to count for something.


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  1. Lexi

    isn’t there a way so you can fix so the whole post comes in the rss feed instead of just a part of it? kinda defeats the purpose of rss

  2. Eick

    Lexi – I set it so that the whole post doesn’t come through on the RSS feed, just part – I’d rather people come to the site so that they are counted in traffic numbers etc. I will give some consideration to switching to a full RSS feed…..

  3. Eick

    Suicide blond – I have LOVED peanuts & coke since I first was introduced to it at a BBQ place in the town where I went to college.

    I still drink it from time to time.

  4. Eick

    Hell yeah you drink the peanuts and coke. It’s delicious. Sweet but a little bit salty, and you just kind of eat the peanuts throughout the sipping.


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