Thanks to the wit & wisdom of Extreme Mortman, I have become aware that the National Republican Senatorial Committee has put out a new ad for the razor tight Senate race in Oregon. It features some not very flattering footage of Democratic candidate Jeff Merkley eating what appears to be a sandwich while being asked a question about Georgia.

I almost didn’t want to give this ad any further attention because I’m rooting hard for Merkley to win, but it was too absurd an ad to not share. In addition to showing Merkley eating, the NRSC is blatantly using Twix’s ad slogan, “Need a Moment.” It also got me thinking, can anyone remember any other political ads, either favorable or unfavorable where a politician eating played so prominent a role in the ad?

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  1. Cary

    This may be the greatest political commercial ever made. Ever. I have nothing but applause and gratitude for the sandwich voyeur.


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