I really love Boo Berry Cereal. It is almost an unhealthy adoration, frankly. I definitely love my Mom more than Boo Berry, but totally love this cereal way more than most of the other members of my family.

It pains my heart that I can only find it this time of year, but in some ways it gives me something to look forward to all year long. You can imagine how giddy I was when I stumbled upon this gem of a food product: Boo Berry Fruit by the Foot. It is taking junk food…and making it junkier. I had to try it.

Smell: A tad sweet and a bit like the waxed paper it was adhered to. If you have ever eaten a fruit roll-up, you know the smell well.

Texture/Appearance: The roll is a strip with alternating electric blue and purple patches. The strip was inexplicably scored with a squiggled line down the center, allowing me to pull it apart. The purpose of this squiggle is unclear to me, but if I was 5, I am sure I would find it pretty cool. The texture of the roll is sticky to the touch, but not as chewy as I remember. I recall these suckers sticking to my teeth like glue as a kid, but my adult molars tore this treat to shreds with ease.

Taste: It tasted like raspberry, synthetic raspberry. My friend Bawstin, who shared this treat with me, immediately proclaimed, “I could definitely eat these things on the regular again”. I have to agree with him; for a super sugary treat, these were pretty tasty. Yet, I find it quite necessary to make this one point: These do not, DO NOT, taste like Boo Berry. While the name and the cheery mascot have been stolen from my beloved cereal, this is the only thing they have in common. Boo Berry, as the name suggests, is a blueberry flavored treat while these roll-ups are pure raspberry. Fot shame, General Mills, for thinking you can pull the wool over my eyes.

Final Verdict: Well, these are good…but are they anything even reminiscent of the cereal? Nope, not a lick. That being said, who can blame this attempt in cross-marketing? I certainly cannot. I’d try Boo Berry flavored fiberglass if you told me it would be half as good as the cereal.


Lemmonex writes almost daily about food, life, and her unbelievable skill for saying exactly the wrong thing at her blog, Culinary Couture.

7 Responses

  1. Youppi

    actually, looking at his face again, it’s kinda like Boo Berry is a giant stoner, and he’s basically saying to you “you got the munchies? eat my snacks”

  2. LivitLuvit

    I liked Fruit by the Foot, but it will NEVER, ever compare to Fruit Rollups. Those were the real deal, man. And they’ll STILL stick like glue to your teeth.

  3. suicide_blond

    personally im wary of any food product with the name FOOT …but thats why i love having YOU do this…
    cause now i can overlook that and concentrate on how id totallly buy ANYTHING called BooBerry…

  4. sean hirten

    Where can I find a good burrito in the Cincinnati area? Preferably on the east side of town. Also, I get a rash on my chest when I eat Doritos? Any ideas?

  5. Jon

    I love Boo Berry Cereal! It’s so hard to find now in the Boston area. Does anyone remember the short lived Frutti Mummy cereal?


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